Self-Paced Learning Program

AOD Adaptions in DBT

This program is offered as self-paced learning or as resources following a 2 day training by the Australian DBT Institute. Participants are provided with a range of DBT skills and resources when working with individuals with addictions.
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Trauma Informed

The materials provided explore a trauma informed approach for AOD populations.

DBT Resources

DBT resources are provided as a way to achieve emotion regulation in AOD populations.

ADBTI Adaptions

Included are a range of adaptions developed by the Australian DBT Institute.

Somatic Approach

Resources from Babette Rothschild's Somatic Trauma Therapy Approach.

AOD Adaptions

AOD Adaptions

AOD Adaptions

AOD Adaptions

AOD Adaptions

AOD Adaptions

Professionals working with AOD are often challenged by the complex clinical presentations and dilemmas that arise during treatment.

Evidence suggests that Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) can help AOD populations. This workshop explores DBT and its application to an AOD population to engage and retain clients.

Participants will advance their knowledge in specific principles and strategies relevant to DBT skills training and coaching with AOD populations, individual therapy, and managing communication and coaching outside of session (e.g. phone calls, emails, texts, etc.). Specific attention will be paid to AOD specific skills as well as dialectics, validation, and behaviour change (“Middle Path”).

Program Content

  • Become familiar with existing DBT research for AOD populations
  • Identify the theory, principles, functions, and modes of comprehensive DBT and explore how they apply to AOD populations
  • Introduce the biosocial theory to AOD populations
  • Employ DBT commitment strategies
  • Target problematic behaviours
  • Explore AOD adapted DBT Skills
AOD Adaptions in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

Self-Paced Learning Resources

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Australian DBT Institute

The Australian DBT Institute is a specialist service established in 2004 during a formal partnership and mentoring through Marsha Linehan’s (developer of DBT) training organisation Behavioral Tech LLC between 2003 and 2008.

A range of DBT Approaches

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