DBT Credentialing

The international credentialing committee was established by the Australian DBT Institute to independently oversee the credentialing of mental health professionals in DBT who reside in Australia, South Africa and South East Asia. The Australian DBT Institute has been developing DBT Practitioners in Australia and Internationally since 2004! 
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Organisational Experience

Australian DBT Institute has developed over 17,000 mental health professionals and developed hundreds of DBT programs since 2004 in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, South Africa, UK and Singapore.

Credentialing Team

Our credentialing service is overseen by mental health practitioners with international experience, who run DBT programs and are intensively trained and previously mentored in DBT by Behavioral Tech LLC. 

Credentialing Criteria

Our credentialing criteria is based on consumer and carer feedback, Australian professional standards, the evidence base and experiences of senior mental health practitioners delivering DBT programs.


Our credentialing model is developed against Australian Practice Standards that credentials proficiency and understanding of DBT. 
DBT®-Linehan Board of Certification in the USA is the only service offering DBT certification.

Three Pathways to Initial Credentialing as DBT Practitioners

Please carefully review the criteria below before committing to one of the three below pathways for becoming a DBT Practitioner through the credentialing process of the Australian DBT Institute. All Credentialed DBT Practitioners are to meet the Education, Practice, Professional and Philosophical requirements of Credentialing as a DBT Practitioner. 

Pathway 1: New to DBT

Pathway 1 is for clinicians who have have not completed a comprehensive DBT training program. The Institute's 12 month DBT Comprehensive training program provides clinicians with the training and development to meet the credentialing criteria listed below.

Pathway 2: DBT Graduate

 is for clinicians who have completed a 4 day training in DBT online or in person or part of an intensively trained DBT team. Our online credentialing program supports clinicians implement a DBT or DBT informed approach over a minimum of one cycle to highlight their knowledge of DBT.

Pathway 3: DBT Experience

 is for clinicians who have over five year's clinical experience in the delivery of DBT and DBT informed approaches. Credentialing on option 3 requires clinicians to complete self paced tasks to articulate their knowledge and application of a DBT informed Approach.

Credentialed DBT Practitioner Criteria

Credentialing is the process of establishing the qualifications of licensed professionals, organisational members or organisations, and assessing their background and legitimacy. Many health care institutions and provider networks conduct their own credentialing, generally through a credentialing specialist or electronic service, with review by a credentialing committee. Listed below is our 6 Criterion for Credentialed DBT Practitioners! The Australian DBT Institute and our partner organisations do not claim to have any affiliation with Behavioral Tech LLC. nor DBT®-Linehan Board of Certification. Credentialing has been developed against Australian Clinical Practice Guidelines and Australian Professional Registration Bodies.

Professional Memberships

Credentialed DBT practitioners are members of an incorporated association of a helping profession (eg. Social Work, Psychology, Mental Health Nursing, Psychotherapy, Counselling)

DBT Education

Completion of a recognised specialist post registration course in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). Programs such as the Australian DBT Institute Comprehensive Training, Behavioral Tech’s Intensive Training in DBT or equivalent are expected to have been completed.

Clinical Experience

Credentialed DBT Practitioners have at least 200 hours of person-¬to-person psychotherapy/counselling experience and 50 hours of supervision relating to a minimum of 200 hours of client contact. 

Commitment to CPD

Credentialed DBT Practitioners are required to have acquired minimum continuing professional development points to maintain their professional registration and/or associated professional memberships.

DBT Knowledge

Credentialed DBT Practitioners are required to have completed a Personal Statement of Practice outlining the theoretical perspective, experiences, self-awareness, knowledge & understanding and reasons for their interest in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). Additionally, practitioners are expected to have proficiency in at least two other therapeutic approaches to complement their applications of DBT!

Professional Referees

Practitioners are to have their clinical practice supported by two professional referees. Practitioners are expected to be providing a safe environment with no disciplinary action on Professional Registration. Attendees of Intensive training programs will have their facilitators provide this confirmation of DBT practice.

Benefits of becoming Credentialed in DBT!

DBT Institutes in Australia & South East Asia support credentialed DBT Practitioners through:
  • recognition of practitioners DBT credentialed status through the International Credentialing Committee
  • access to monthly DBT Practice & Research Updates through the Australian DBT Institute
  • offering the opportunity to be involved in Australian DBT Institute Research Activities
  • opportunities to deliver DBT approaches as a provider for DBT Clinics (Online, Gold Coast, Melbourne & Sydney)
  • access to a minimum of 10 hours of free DBT specific CPD each year
  • providing preferential access to the International Conference of DBT Informed Practice

New to DBT

Billed upfront - Save $488
This pathway suits individuals who are yet to complete formal DBT training.
  • 12 month DBT training program
  • 10 x group zoom sessions 
  • Access to DBT resources & adaptions
  • Access to a range of foundational DBT webinars

DBT Graduate

Billed upfront - Save $189
This pathway suits individuals who have completed formal DBT training.
  • 12 month DBT support program
  • 10 x group zoom sessions 
  • Access to DBT resources & adaptions
  • Access to reduced priced DBT Specific Supervision


Billed upfront - Save $89
This pathway suits individuals with five plus year's DBT experience.
  • Credentialing application fees
  • Become a DBT Clinics provider
  • Access to DBT resources & adaptions
  • Access to reduced priced DBT Specific Supervision
DBT Credentialing Service

Our credentialing team meets six times a year with credentialing confirmations performed on the first Friday of every second month.

Submission are required 14 days before our credentialing confirmation sessions
Practitioners are advised of the credentialing outcomes via email 7 days following credentialing confirmation has been completed 
2024 Submission deadlines
19th January, 15th March, 17th May, 19th July, 20th September and 15th November 2023
2025 Submission deadlines
Released June 2024

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