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Trauma Intensive Training Programs

This program provides clinicians with a clear and practical approach to providing safe trauma therapy. The focus is on working with individuals with emotion regulation difficulties and preparing individuals for safe trauma memory processing and insight work.
Intensive Training Program
The program is scheduled over 6 months to support progress with your identified clients using this safe trauma therapy approach.
Phase Based Approach
Following both a Somatic Trauma Therapy and Stabilisation Based Therapy approach, the Trauma Intensive Workshop is split into three phases. Participants follow the phase-based approach with their clients and this is replicated within the treatment.
Melbourne, Brisbane or Online!
Attend our blended learning program run over three weekend workshop blocks (3 days each) in Melbourne or Brisbane and 6 x Zoom sessions over a 7 month period in addition to all the components of the online learning program.

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Intensives complete

2024 Trauma Therapy Intensive Training

Dr. King's safe trauma approach has been taught around the world!

Dr. Peter L. King provides training that closely aligns with the findings of his PhD as well as the original intent and techniques of Somatic Trauma Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, maintaining treatment fidelity and accuracy in its delivery. Dr. King has taught the Trauma Therapy Intensive Course and Supervised therapists throughout Australia, Singapore, Thailand and South Africa.

Dr. King received mentoring from Babette Rothschild, the author of "The Body Remembers: The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment" and developer of Somatic Trauma Therapy. 
Program Facilitator
Dr. King was mentored by Babette Rothschild for four years and co-facilitated training with Babette in Australia and the UK! 

Dr. Peter L. King

Clinical & Academic Lead
Australian DBT Institute
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